Agalmatophilia Sexual attraction up to a statue, doll, mannequin or any other comparable object that is figurative.

Agalmatophilia Sexual attraction up to a statue, doll, mannequin or any other comparable object that is figurative.

There are many types of this fetish. There could be the need for genuine contact that is sexual a statue/mannequin etc., the dream of wanting a connection with an animated item for this type, or additionally the choose to be turned/transformed into this kind of item it self.

It first ended up being recorded as a case that is psychological of 1877, upon the finding of a gardener discovered wanting to copulate with a statue in another of his companies gardens. Richard von Krafft-Ebing reported the scenario inside the work Psychopathia Sexualis (attention, a big section of its dedicated to homosexuality as paraphilia)

The transformative aspect in several situations features hawaii of object tranformation with a few kind of paralisis/immobilization and understanding being a item, nad is usually roleplayed with rubber, paint or comparable product.

The fetish of planning to be changed into an item is known as

(Sexual) Objectification Fetish

Dealing with an individual or planning to be treated entirely because an object of sexual desire.

There is certainly a necessity for a little bit of clarification here. The name right right here mentions more 2 than one broad term that is fetish. The objectification that is sexual more become seen as being a item of sexual relief for other people, while just objectification will be seen more attempting to be viewed being an item. Needless to say their education to where they wander between one another is significantly diffent from situation to situation.

Known examples when it comes to previous will be the cumdump fetish, getting used as a relief station that is sexual. In addition to latter, well there’s a few down the road.


Interest/Attraction towards mechanic/technological objects.

You will find several things that come under said specifications. Probably one of the most typical may be the curiosity about fuckmachines, or any other forms of sexual intercourse with specifically made for intercourse machines.

There are also situations for expressed interest towards other forms of devices, such as for example gundam mechs, other types of robots, or even more unusual vehicles and appliances for the kitchen blonde big tits webcam.

There are many specific oriented fetishes which are categorized as the categories that are above. Fairly ones that are common for instance:


Planning to be changed as a doll.

This is certainly played down through different means. Some choose complete rubber dollification, other people choose a variety of masks, compensate, other type of clothes and such. Other people once again want their body that is real to doll like, and also undergo cosmetic surgery for doing that objective. This can be really commonplace within the community that is heterosexual combination with another term called bimbofication, that will be discussed down the road.

Also liked is the attaining of the doll like state of mind through hypnosis or comparable practices.

Robot Fetishism (ASFR)

A attraction that is fetishistic humanoid or non-humanoid robots, or even the want to be changed / transform somebody into one.

Other group terms employed for this are Technosexual(-ity) aswell as ASFR (alt. Sex. Fetish. Robot), originating through the once used Usenet band of the name that is same. The initial FAQ provides extra information as to the exactly it absolutely was for:

“The alt. Sex. Fetish. Robots (ASFR) newsgroup is specialized in the conversation associated with the idea of intercourse with or attraction that is sexual robots and robot-like beings. This may are priced between metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids. Conversations can handle particular dreams, fiction associated with the subject and connected ideas like people behaving like/turned into individual mannequins, dolls, toys, along with other hypnotherapy and mesmerism dreams that include the mechanical/monotone reaction that appeals into the users. ” – ASFR Usenet group, as present in

You can find 2 community “factions” of ASFR’s, therefore to state.

One could be the change kind, into humans switched partially or completely into devices. (Example: Seven of Nine, Cyborg, etc. Etc. )

One other is primarily interested into built constructs, such as for example androids. They are non-human entities and totally synthetic. There is certainly additionally further differenciation with this part, associated with taste of humanoid or non-humanoid searching constructs. (Example: Data from celebrity Trek or Terminator – and yes, there’s guideline 34 both for. )

The loves and choices are extremely specific, but, since there is a variation of crossover among them, within the community these factions frequently are fround become extremely protective of these part. As there clearly wasn’t much yet that is achievable many people technologywise in that area, it’s mainly resided with the aid of cosplay and art.

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