Ben’s Tale from 1998. Tale by Jerry Prince on 28 Jan 2017

Ben’s Tale from 1998. Tale by Jerry Prince on 28 Jan 2017

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  • Very First Time

I recently had to compose to somebody and inform them what’s happened, so that as the first individual We ever endured intercourse with, you’re the only real individual i believe would determine what’s happened certainly to me.

You keep in mind exactly just how great it had been the time we got drunk and had been fooling around in the couch and discovered we had been both homosexual? You keep in mind exactly exactly just how great it felt/tasted whenever we were suckin each other off and shot in one another’s mouths at precisely the same time? We had another experience just like that this week-end! Jesus, i am stiff and drippin now, simply recalling it and attempting to compose it all down here on the pc, therefore I can e-mail it for your requirements! Damn! I am hoping i could cope with all this work before i must go jack down once more!

Mike, I happened to be into the Tobacco store over on principal St. On Saturday early morning. You understand i enjoy the scent of tobacco, though I do not such as the style from it. I happened to be walking by here on the road up to The Gap getting some brand new jeans. Well, i possibly could smell the tobacco exterior before we also surely got to the shop, because it had been warm and so they had the doors available. Thus I just wandered in and seemed around. There was clearly no body here nevertheless the clerk, in which he had been regarding the phone, therefore I went to the humidor and viewed most of the cigars; boy, that is a SMELL I like! I quickly had been out lifting the lids regarding the jars of tobacco, simply inhaling that wonderful pipeline tobacco odor, if this guy strolled in. He had been about 50 i suppose, anyhow he seemed become about because old as the daddy, their beard and hair had been switching grey. He had been using a fabric vest, a fabric coat, black colored jeans and big black colored shoes, together with on a leather-based limit. He appeared to be those fabric dudes we utilized to appreciate when you look at the magazines that are gay simply older. I didn’t spend much focus on him, I became too engrossed into the tobacco I became smelling. He went to the humidor, and ended up being choosing some cigars, therefore I went straight right back directly into see just what he had been doing. We made like I happened to be picking out a cigar, too.

“Smell great, do not they, son? ” he asked, which astonished me personally.

We had not noticed him having to pay any focus on me personally, I happened to be simply experiencing the odor, i suppose it was noticed by him. “Yeah, they do smell great! ” we responded. “They taste better yet, ” he stated, choosing a cigars that are few of the package. “I don’t look after the style, i simply just like the scent regarding the tobacco therefore the smoke, ” we stated. He provided me with a look then that simply made me personally melt, you realize, when some guy appears straight into your eyes and into the heart? I do not understand exactly just what he had been thinkin, but I happened to be pretty much to melt, right here ended up being a mature guy speaking with me personally in a humidor, as when we both knew everything we desired. “You need to get smell what they are like once I smoke cigarettes one? ” he asked while he had been making the humidor. “Oh, yeah! Allow me to allow you to get one, ” we stated, and I also picked up the biggest one i really could find, it absolutely was called a Jeroboam, we’d never ever seen the one that big or that black colored. “One of my favorites, ” he stated, and then he place their supply over my neck and moved us to the money register. I do believe the clerk must’ve thought we had been dad and son. He got about ten cigars, and I also taken care of the top one; it are priced at $10.00, I happened to be astonished.

Anyway, he headed us toward the doorway, and he led me to an old beat up van parked right outside before I really realized what was happening. He unlocked the sliding home and got in, aided me in and shut the doorway behind me personally. I became kinda afraid at this stage. The van was custom made, it had been all carpeted, but real dark, and I also could see all sorts of chains hanging down from the roof. I didn’t know very well what We’d got myself into. Whenever my eyes got familiar with the dark, i really could note that there have been no windows after all, these people were all covered up, except there clearly was a skylight style of thing that allow in air and light. This person had been using the cellophane from the cigar and cutting the end from the cigar. He then handed it if you ask me and stated “Lick it, son, have it all damp, makes the cigar burn off more slowly and go longer. ” I experienced seen guys repeat this before, while he got his lighter out so I licked it all over. It sort of switched me on to lick their cigar for him. He handed me personally the lighter and revealed me personally just how to work it, I’dn’t seen one quite it made a real tight blue flame, not like the zippo lighters we used when we lit up joints like it before.

Anyhow, he previously their big cigar in the lips, and had been suckin I held the lighter, and he had one arm on my shoulder and one on my hand, holding it steady, and I was so nervous I was shakin, but I really loved the smell of that cigar through it while! It absolutely was really neat the real means it made a lot of blue smoke that rose up through the skylight, and I also had been enjoyin havin his arms on my neck as well as on my hand. Whenever I looked over him, he had been lookin right thru me personally once again, and blowin the smoke appropriate at me personally, also it made me personally like jelly. I believe he knew I became really stressed. “Relax, son, love this particular smoke! ” He could talk around that big cigar, I happened to be actually getting excited and nervous all at one time. The cigar was taken by him away from their lips and blew a cloud of smoke during my face. I simply shut my eyes and breathed it in, and it also ended up being like I happened to be on medications once again, Mike, Goddamn! We became planning to distribute.

Then before we knew that which was occurring, he put a set of handcuffs on me personally and got my arms behind my straight back. Once I had been attempting to shout for assistance, he slipped a gasmask over my mind and got me personally attached with some chains, and I also occured up and mayn’t break free! I became afraid shitless! I became gonna piss in my own pants, I happened to be therefore afraid! I have never ever been that afraid. The the next thing we knew, there clearly was cigar smoke coming for the reason that mask, plus it appeared to flake out me personally, I became poor in the knees and I also would’ve passed out, however the chains had been keeping me up, i really couldn’t notice something or do just about anything.

I quickly felt my chinos being taken down and my shorts, too, and I knew exactly exactly what he had been as much as. I am a virgin, or at the least I BECAME a virgin right right back there, and so I began to struggle, and strong hands grabbed me personally tight and held me nevertheless as this thick thing pushed against my asshole. The greater I struggled, the tighter he held me personally, therefore the more we tried to inhale and shout, the greater cigar smoke i obtained in my lung area. It had been so frightening so exciting, my cock was difficult as a stone, I became sort of fired up like nothing you’ve seen prior and going to cum, but SO SCARED.

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